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Need a closed-loop geothermal drilling service?

Our team can guide you through the complete process of the drilling, from the initial consultation to the design and creation of the boreholes. For a free quotation, please get in touch today.

Want geothermal energy?

Like the system monitored?

To benefit from geothermal energy you'll need an experienced geothermal drilling service. That's where we come in, we specialise in geothermal drilling for projects of any size.

We can provide you with a testing and monitoring service to ensure that all of the geothermal drilling is being done correctly by sending you one of our trained geologists.

We can offer you:

•  Closed-loop geothermal drilling

•  Open-loop geothermal drilling

•  Horizontal loop geothermal drilling

•  Vertical loop geothermal drilling

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